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The Next Level of Capital Improvement Planning and Execution

    • Collaboration & Workflow
    • Data & Document Management
    • Construction Handover
    • Environmental Monitoring & Notifications
    • Condition Assessments & Capital Planning

The Conditions™ platform from Corvado.

Any Device. Anytime. Anywhere.

Available in the desktop browser and on mobile iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Project and facility data is always at your fingertips, alwayscurrent, and always ready when you need it.

Construction Handover

Does your handover still involve discs, binders and silos?

It’s time to step-up to Corvado Conditions™. Capture life cycledata in the earliest stages of your project and make handover a snap with a single, comprehensive database that helps FM take ownership day-one.

Condition Assessments

Complete condition assessments in half the time and for afraction of the cost of other systems and methods.

Capture all of your important data on the spot at the point of inspection and use our powerful analytics and reporting toforecast & model capital expenditures.


The next level of capital improvement planning and execution.

Harnessing building data for project success has never been easier, or more mobile.

Meet Conditions, a comprehensive application platform utilizing data and technology for process automation and management collaboration. Organizing and reporting on the planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance of new capital projects, Conditions intuitively and efficiently provides solutions for your organization’s building needs. It moves beyond static features and processes to become a dynamic platform supporting the complete building life cycle.



Conditions is in a league of its own, the only standards-based digital handover platform for development and construction. Created by industry experts, it enables your mobile device to capture every piece of data at the point of inspection, and streamlines it all in customizable reports and analytics to prepare and inform your team: anytime, anywhere.

In an industry where real-time data makes all the difference, Conditions is the next indispensible platform for your organization.


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